Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Started making my first multi-page comic of the year in Storytelling. We're retelling a Brer Rabbit tale in our own way. I turned them into girls. Never been done, apparently. Watch it grow.

Sista' Rabbit Rough Thumbs

First, made several rough thumbnails to get down the pacing/panel layout. This is the one I mostly used.

Then I made "nice thumbnails" for critique in class:

Sista' Rabbit Thumbs 1

Sista' Rabbit Thumbs 2

Sista' Rabbit Thumbs 3

With some tweaking this is going to be on it's way to becoming a finished comic. PS Also click on any to see it larger.

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  1. hi~
    i randomly saw you on livejournal and found a link here...
    and saw this and brought awesome memories of matt and jessica...
    hope you're enjoying that class :D